How to Charm Her Friends

Our friends’ opinions of who we date mean a lot to us. If we’re already into you, a glowing appraisal from our posse can quickly launch you to keeper status. Adhere to the following guidelines and you’re guaranteed to charm our friends – and, ergo, us.

Engage: The key to getting our girlfriends to like you is to show interest. Listen to them and respond with specific follow-up questions, rather than simply relating the conversation back to you. Remember important details that they – or we – have told you about their lives, and bring it up the next time you see them. Example: “So, Lucy tells me you’re joining a convent.”

Invite: The next time you’re playing host, extend personal invitations to our friends, rather than simply telling us to “bring the girls along.” Something as simple as sending them an Official Facebook Invite shows that you see them individuals, not just an anonymous entourage.

Resist: Nobody likes being the third wheel, so if we’re hanging with one of my girlfriends, go easy on the PDAs. Affectionate gestures, like a hand on our back: great. An explicit glimpse into our sex life: not so much.

Socialize: An unfortunate reality of coupling is that girls often retreat into remote love nests. As the new boyfriend, you’ll get in her friends’ good books if, instead of monopolizing her, you encourage her to spend time with friends. This means having girls’ nights out without you, or accompanying her.

Image courtesy of noemi manalang on flickr

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