How to Date a College Girl

The female-to-male ratio at McGill, where I’m a fourth-year history student, is around 60:40. In fact, just about every university campus across Canada is similarly overrun by women. This unholy ratio has condemned me and my girlfriends to far too many girls’ nights out with less-than-exciting results. But our frustration is your golden opportunity. Here’s how to date a college girl.

Just the Facts
After being treated to enough up-and-down stares by college boys, I’m naturally sceptical — and defensive — when any guy approaches me. So when we meet, be brief. Intrigue me. Get my phone number. And then leave. Don’t buy me a drink, and don’t wait around for me to go home with you. I won’t.

Engage Me
Cliché college questions, like “What’s your major?” and “What are you planning to do after you graduate?” should be avoided at all costs. Speaking to me like my parents’ friends do is a sure-fire way to turn me off.

Call Me, Baby
When it comes time to ask me out, show me your tremendous maturity: Call me. Lazy or shy college boys provide more than enough text action, so I’ll appreciate the fact that you’re confident and to the point.

Martinis, Not Kamikazes
Take me somewhere nice, with ambiance and grown-ups. It isn’t often that I travel outside my world of apartment hangouts, hipster cafés and college bars.

Pay Graciously
Yes, I’m short on cash. Yes, I will appreciate it if you pay. But make sure you let me offer to contribute. Remember: College is a hotbed for feminist indignation.

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  1. What a bunch of silly ‘tips’. Most dating is common sense, and there is never a steadfast set of rules when dating a particular type of person. This is just stereotyping. I’m 38 and in the last year I’ve dated 21 to 42 year olds, so in my opinion I can say that every woman has to be approached uniquely – it just depends on their personality, not their age.

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