How to Delay Proposing

This story is the second in the multi-part series, A Guy’s Guide to Getting Hitched. XX writer Anna offers insights and tips to guide you from the days leading up to your engagement to those following your wedding. And yes, in spite of what this story promises, the wedding is inevitable.

Faced with big questions, many men do what their ancestors have done for millennia: They procrastinate. She may be dropping hints about getting engaged, but in case the thought of popping the question makes you break out in a cold sweat, here are six ways to keep those wedding bells silent, just a little longer.

1. Wait Your Turn
Does she have an older sister who’s still single? A friend who’s been dating for longer, but is not yet married? Appeal to the Female Code; remind her that it wouldn’t be fair to get engaged just yet.

2. Change jobs.
If you’re angling for a promotion or thinking of jumping ship, act now. Surely she wouldn’t expect you to blow three months’ salary in such a turbulent time.

3. Move.
Creating a new home together may be enough of a mini-step forward to satisfy her for now. Besides, the ensuing turmoil will distract her, at least for a couple of months.

4. Get a dog.
It’s a sign of commitment that doesn’t involve a ring, and it’s a sure-fire distraction. To buy extra time, subvert her attempts to housetrain Fido.

5. Take her to a wedding expo.
Head to the suburbs, and find an expo full of styrofoam cakes and Liberace-worthy decor. In a cunning feat of reverse psychology, she’ll be completely turned off by the tackiness.

6. Blame the recession.
The average Canadian wedding costs $25,000…and that’s just the average. After a gloomy financial forecast, say, “We’ll never be able to afford our dream wedding!” and burst into tears.

Image courtesy of sparktography on Flickr.

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