Gumboots For Guys in Vancouver

It’s true: Gumboots don’t exactly sound like the most stylish, masculine part of your wardrobe. But whether you call them wellies, topboots or rainboots, every Vancouverite needs something to keep his feet dry. Function, however, need not triumph over fashion. Here, the coolest boots around town – and where to find them.

Tretorn Skerry
Let your pant legs fall over these sleek Scandinavian numbers and they nearly could pass for a pair of Converse sneakers. Made in Sweden, they’re designed for sailing but they’re ideal for nights of soggy bar-hopping. $70, Gumdrops, 2029 West 4th Ave., 604-733-1037.

Helly Hansen Helly Welly
Casual on the bottom, moonwalker on top, these knee-high future boots boast “a triple shot of modernization.” Translation: totally waterproof, shock-absorbent and sturdy, thanks to strong grips and reflectors. $199.95, Red Sky at Night, 1520 Duranleau St., 604-689-3989.

Hunter Yellow Festival Laces
Making appearances in the trenches of World War One, the muddy fields of the Glastonbury Festival and the pages of fashion magazines, Hunter boots, from Scotland, are this category’s true classics. Dark green is the safest bet, but to add some flare to your look, opt for this yellow version with laces. $94.50, Gumdrops.

Canadian Tire basics
If you’re just looking for pocketbook-friendly function, head to your local Canadian Tire for a pair of green fishing boots or the same black rubbers your mom made you wear when you were a kid. $29.99 and $13.99, Canadian Tire. Find your closest location here.

Image courtesy of martin.gumaky on Flickr.


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  1. Hi Raina, I like your post, makes a lot of sense to wear practical shoes living in the NW. I live in Portland and I wear my rain boots all winter. Com in( from Milano I looked for a stylish pair, so I went for the hunter. I think they look ok, sometimes though people seems surprise of my look…it seems that does not fit with the professional urban stereotype. I am always wonder why you should have your feet and legs wet to look cool…
    Thanks anyway to touch on this topics, I would be curios to know why..ciao Sergio

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