How to Pop the Question

This week marks the fourth part of our series, A Guy’s Guide to Getting Hitched, in which XX writer Anna guides you from the days leading up to your engagement to those following your wedding. This week, how to pop the question.

No doubt, you’ll be repeating your proposal story ad nauseam; make sure it’s a good one. Whether you pop the question over a romantic dinner at home or amidst an elaborate scheme involving a hot air balloon and a homing pigeon, these are a few short moments you want to be sure go smoothly. Here are some tips to make sure it’s a tale worth sharing with your grandkids – and not millions of mean-spirited gawkers on YouTube.

Be Prepared
Don’t pull a Dumb & Dumber. (“I desperately want to make love to a school boy!”) Plan the time and place, and then rehearse your short speech. And no matter what, end with the words “Will you marry me?”

Kneel Down
Never underestimate the resilience of a girl’s marriage fantasies. Good chance she’s been picturing a man on bended knee since she was about six. Don’t disappoint her: Kneel down.

Surprise Her
Odds are, she knows this is coming. Still, if you can avoid the most obvious moments (like, say, your anniversary dinner) and execute a minor surprise, you will get her heart racing – in the best possible way.

Keep It Private
Avoid the JumboTron. Your most intimate moment need not be broadcast to thousands – especially if that moment involves one (or both) of you crying.

Get Personal
The best place isn’t necessarily the priciest restaurant or the glitziest hotel; it could be the dive bar where you had your first date, or the park bench where you first kissed.

Chill the Champagne
A toast will be in order. Or at least, you’ll need a drink. Be ready.

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  1. What is with this constant theme of proposing, ring-buying and marriage? It’s obnoxious and far from reality.

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