How to Ruin a Woman’s Sex Life

You think you already know the answer, right? Draw too quick and she’s bound to be disappointed. Well, not quite.

According to a new study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, women are more likely to be disappointed when a man spends all his time focused on preventing ejaculation—thus ignoring her needs. The study surveyed over 1,500 women in three countries.

Over forty per cent of women indicated that ejaculation control was important to sexual fulfilment. 47.6% also said that a man’s lack of attention and his focus on performance was biggest problem in their sex lives, followed by 39.9% who cited “short time between penetration and ejaculation”, and 24.1% who cited “lack of ejaculatory control”. 22.8% of women reported they’d broken up with a partner over his ejaculatory problem.

Before reaching for the illegal Viagra, however, men should think about changing a few lifestyle factors—alcohol intake, sleeping difficulties, and weight can all cause problems down there. Look on the bright side—after you solve all those problems, the woman in your life can find something new to be dissatisfied about. Fun!

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