Interview: Roxanne Prentice

Here’s a quick list of things we like about film noir: beautiful women, tough hitmen, cold-blooded murder, gritty style, moody shadows, and moral oblivion. AKP Job 27 has all those things and more—it’s an entirely wordless film about a Yakuza hitman distracted from his twenty-seventh job by a prostitute—but let’s talk about the beautiful woman angle: Roxanne Prentice. Relatively new to the acting scene, we caught up with Roxanne for a few questions.

What attracted you to AKP Job 27?

Honestly I knew very little about it until I actually got the role, but the opportunity to play two different characters in one movie is attractive to any actor I think. And originally we were going to shoot in Thailand, and I was like ‘Yes! Say no more’ but that didn’t end up happening, so . . . Awkward.

How challenging is it to pull off a film with no dialogue?

Sometimes it was hard because you have to say so many things just with your eyes, and the director wanted quite still performances already. But otherwise it was freeing for me, I’ve felt very restricted by dialogue before so at least there was no risk of that.

What’s your favourite film noir?

I’m so ashamed, I’ve only watched about two! So I’m going to go with a more modern film with noir elements, Seven by David Fincher. It’s so beautiful and disturbing and he’s a great director.

If you could play any part, under any director, what would they be?

Scarlett Johansson’s role in Lost in Translation. It’s such a simple story but so relatable. Also just Japan, pink wigs, Sofia Coppola, Bill Murray. Winning combination really. And I would do anything to be in Wes Anderson film too! Seems like ultimately I just want to hangout with Bill Murray, which is somewhat weird.

Favourite cocktail?

Elderflower and gin, if a cocktail has these two ingredients I’m done for.

AKP Job 27 opens in Toronto on February 21, at York Cinema, Woodside Cinemas, and Square One Landmark. 

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