Is She a Keeper?

Congratulations: You got the girl. After she snubbed you for months, you finally caught her eye, and then somehow talked her into spending time some with you. Now, you’re a few weeks along, and soon you’ll be in full-fledged relationship mode. (Kinda sneaks up on you, doesn’t it?) But if you’re feeling hesitant, now’s the time to determine if you’re ready to commit. (If not, end it graciously.) The question: Is she a conquest – a woman you put on a pedestal, or perhaps, a woman who’s better than you and will soon realize it – or a keeper? Here, some tips to help you figure it out.

Conquest: Dinner date: Optional. Booty call: Probable.
Keeper: You’ve got a favourite bar. And restaurant. And house that’s for sale.

Conquest: She’s always calling at a bad time – or at least it feels that way.
Keeper: Every call from her offers a bit of reassurance that she actually likes you. (Admit it.)

Conquest: At the bar with your buddies, you’re trying to make eye contact with everything with long hair.
Keeper: At the bar with your buddies, a beautiful woman makes eyes at you. And you don’t buy her a drink.

Conquest: You’ve met her friends. They seem okay.
Keeper: She’s met your friends, and now, they are her Facebook friends.

Conquest: Sleepovers are a rarity. (You just sleep better alone.)
Keeper: In her bed, you sleep like a baby. Plus: At least three articles of her clothing are in your room right now.

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