How to Keep the Romance Alive

Remember the time when you couldn’t get keep your hands off your woman, and vice versa? The days when weekends together just meant sex and eating and more sex and eating?

If you’re now doing more sleeping (and eating) than having sex, don’t sweat. It’s totally possible to rev up the romance in your relationship.

Here are a few tips from sexpert Katrina McKay, the owner and CEO of Ohhh Canada, to help keep the spark burning and yearning, and most importantly, alive.

Go To Bed

I know what you’re thinking: sleeping isn’t sexy. Not with the snoring and the mouth guards and the little kicks underneath the covers. But who said anything about sleeping? “It sounds sad, but I think everyone can relate to how hard it is to make time for sex,” says McKay. “When you’re first dating you have dedicated time for getting together, which usually lead to sex. In long-term relationships and marriages, we don’t usually make the time to specifically spend together. And sometimes trying to set aside a date night just isn’t realistic.” So McKay’s advice: “Go to bed an hour early. Light some candles, have massage oil and lube at the ready.” And then do the opposite of sleeping.

Do It in Public

During the throes of a new romance, PDA is basically de rigeur. You want each other so much that you don’t care who’s watching. It’s passionate, it’s hot, and you should do more of it. Kissing, that is. “Luxuriate in a long, lingering kiss . . . on your way to dinner, out walking the dog, out shopping,” suggests McKay. “Even if you only have ten seconds, make every one of those ten seconds count. Bonus points if you sexily grab your partner and “steal” a kiss.” Because if Pretty Woman taught us anything it’s that kissing is way intimate and instantly bonds a couple.

Ditch Your Crappy Underwear

Men, for some strange reason, refuse to buy new underwear until it’s basically walking out the front door, full of holes and strings and god knows what else. You might see your undies as only a necessity, but what if you could surprise your woman with something more . . . exciting? “When you undo your fly, give her something to look at that’s better than the tighty whities you’ve held onto for the past ten years,” says McKay. “Show her you care about how you’re presenting yourself. We love Naked Underwear, but there are lots of options.” Although going “commando” isn’t recommended.

Shop Together

Yeah, we know your feelings about shopping, but we guarantee that you’ll definitely enjoy this type of shopping. “Shop for sex toys and lingerie online together,” suggests McKay. “Sometimes surprising your lady love with a new toy can backfire. She may not like your selection, she may be insulted, or she may get the wrong message. Instead, grab your tablet, snuggle up together and create a sexy little wish list of products you both love.” And then you’ll test drive them together later.

Pick Each Other Up

Re-create the moment when you first locked eyes with your lady and knew she was the one (or at least, who you wanted to see naked). “Go to a hot new bar, and pretend to be strangers,” says McKay. “Flirt, be playful and be so bold as to ask your lady to go home with you for a night of wild sex. Keep up the charade right through the night. You can even adopt a sexy dominant alter ego if that excites the both of you.”

A sexy alter-ego who wears sexy underwear, buys sexy toys, and who goes to bed early, of course.

Brianne Hogan is a freelance writer based in Toronto, something of a humorist, and considers herself more Bridget Jones than Samantha Jones. Though she won’t reveal which parts, she will admit to liking emotionally unavailable men and drinking lots of wine.  You can follow her on Twitter  @briannehogan.

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