How to Make Long Distance Relationships Work

Long distance relationships: usually considered a pretty terrible idea, right? Well, according to a recent study, not only can long distance relationships work, they can work better than regular relationships.

The study, published in the Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy, found that LDRs can result in more communication and intimacy. Researchers recruited 717 people in long distance in long distance relationships and 425 people in regular ‘ol “geographically close” relationships, and then had them complete multiple questionnaires about their relationship satisfaction, including: a commitment scale, a scale that measures communication, a measurement of sexual satisfaction, an assessment of depression, anxiety, and distress, and an assessment of emotional, social, sexual, recreational, and intellectual intimacy.

In terms of satisfaction, being in a long distance relationship was no more likely to result in a negative outcome than being in a geographically close one. Interestingly, being in a long distance relationship predicted better communication and increased intimacy, presumably because people who are in long distance relationships have to work at it and won’t just fall into a rut.

So, thinking of taking a job in Dubai? Well, don’t fret—chances are, you can probably work it out.

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