Meet the Parents: Don’ts

Meeting your girl’s parents is a key relationship milestone, and the impression you make will not soon be forgotten. Don’t screw it up. Here’s what not to do.

Don’t Smooch Her
Be gentlemanly? – open the door for her, pull out her chair – but not too affectionate. Dad does not want to see you plant one on his little girl. Draw the line at holding hands.

Don’t Drink (Too Much)
While it may be tempting to have a pre-meeting drink to loosen up, boozy breath will cost you. If offered, have wine with dinner, or Scotch with Dad, but don’t go beyond a three-drink buzz. If you’re driving, cut yourself off early.

Don’t Brag
They’ll ask about your achievements. Be straightforward but humble, and let them get more impressed when your girlfriend elaborates behind your back.

Don’t Focus on Yourself
They will ask about your family and your work, but they don’t need to hear your life story. You should engage them, too, with your own (respectful) questions.

Don’t Channel Louis C.K.
That joke about the drunken priest may kill your buddies, but best to skip it tonight – even if her dad opens things up with that bit about the well-endowed dwarf. You don’t know what will offend.

Don’t Overpromise
Plan to own your own business in a year? Then you better follow up. Resist the temptation to exaggerate or overpromise; when it comes to taking care of their baby, they want you to deliver what you promise.

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