Montreal: Meeting Single Women

As a female, getting hit on in a bar or club rates about a 10.5 on the creep-o-meter.  Approaching a woman is all about location, time, and atmosphere. Before retiring all efforts and signing up for an online dating account, there are reasons to explore more unconventional mating environments. Montreal is a prime city to meet girls because it boasts some of the greatest cultural events, sports, activities and social outings in Canada. Visit a few of our recommended meeting places and find your way into the heart (or bed) of your soon-to-be lady.

Dog Lovers
Mind out of the gutter, please. What do women love more then men? Many things, one among numerous possible answers is cute animals, particularly dogs. Montreal dog-parks are a social utility for K9s and owners alike. Your furry friend provides an automatic conversation starter while the outdoor setting and sunny skies grant an open and friendly atmosphere. Many of Montreal’s dog parks are conveniently located beside cafés providing the perfect opening to get to know your chosen lady friend. The next step? Plan a “doggy” play-date. For local dog-parks and K9 events visit Montreal Dog Blog.

Hip Shakers
OK, guys, time to “step” a little outside your comfort zone: get dancing. Lucky for you, this action in itself is a turn-on for most women. Whether you move your hips like John Travolta or were born with two left feet, adult dance classes are loaded with fun and, often, attractive women.  Choose the right dance class to fit your personal taste: an urban-infused hip hop class, a steamy salsa class, a friendly and fun swing class or a classical and sophisticated ballroom class. Most classes are drop-in, so no commitment is required (both on a figurative and literal level).

The Good Samaritan
Yes, community service is sexy. As women, we have the biological instinct to want to take care and help out in the community. As men, you have the biological instinct to, well, meet women. Volunteer projects provide the perfect opportunity to mingle and work alongside beautiful women. The best part, you can choose a volunteer project that illuminates your strengths and skills. Good with your hands? Take on a project with Habitat for Humanity Montreal. More into music and the arts? Try local museums and galleries like the Montreal Museum of Fine Art.  For more volunteer ideas and opportunities visit CABM.

Yoga Classes
Although more and more men are trying and loving yoga, it somehow remains a scary concept for many XY chromosomers. As an avid yogi myself, I have dragged countless men through Moksha Yoga’s doors for a sweltering 90-minute workout. The studio provides a favorable ratio as it is packed with women and merely spotted with men. A spot in the back row will provide you the best view, while a spot in the front will draw more attention female attention your way, especially if you are flexible. Montreal’s yoga scene has blossomed into a booming industry, with studios sprouting up in all neighborhoods. For complete Montreal yoga listings visit Yoga Montreal.

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