One-Nighter Etiquette

There’s nothing be ashamed of: One-night stands happen. We’ve all been there. But, as with all aspects of male-female interaction, there’s a strict code of etiquette involved. One misstep, and she may quickly be reconsidering your one-night-only, no-strings-attached fit of passion. Here, some of the key rules.

Do not try to sleep over, cuddle or make love. One-nighters are about heat and passion and two people getting exactly what they need. When. They. Need. It. If you cuddle or ask her to stay over, you’ll confuse her. She may even start to wonder if you’re boyfriend material – and neither of you want that. Don’t muddy the water.

Do not, under any circumstances, attempt a one-night stand with a girl you know is crushing on you. This should go without saying. It’s cruel. If she’s hot and you lust for her, but you couldn’t see it going any further than a night, you’ll have to settle for whatever your imagination can provide.

Do not make her into locker room chat. If you have mutual friends – and you probably do – don’t brag to your pals. Odds are it’ll get back to her, and then you’ll be the one with the reputation.

Don’t take try to fulfill your deepest, darkest, dirtiest fantasies. If you make your one-night stand feel used, the only position you’ll attempt is lying on the bed, watching her walk away.

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4 thoughts on “One-Nighter Etiquette”

  1. While I don’t really have a problem with these reasons I do however have a problem with the writer. Is this not a mens web site.? I’m not taken some broad’s word on what to do after I bang some chick. That was crude, wasn’t it? I hope so. You know why? Because this site is for men and because of that I don’t feel the need to couch anything for female consumption. And there’s the rub, the rest of the world is compromised with Oprahisms and correctness of the written word, do we need that here? You want to know how to act after a one night stand? I’ll tell you… put your pants on and leave. Or stay. either way her thought and feelings are hers! Your a man act like one and be manly. Being manly, acting with confiction, goes along way.
    Enough of women telling us what’s what. And questioning everything. Move to other way and live with it.

  2. Andrew,

    Think about it this way. I have crazy girlfriends, I’ve even been the crazy broad once or twice so if you follow the tips you’ll avoid getting crazy all over your quickie. Just saying buddy.

  3. Ah, the old ‘all-women-are-exactly-the-same’ ploy. Many of us more experienced guys are well aware that women are individuals, and that what is good to do with one woman may not be the right thing to do with another.
    In fact, one might suggest that treating ALL women the same fits the definition of misogyny… Especially as this all the same standard is so… shallow…

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