How to Handle Hating Your Girlfriend’s Fashion Sense, Or Lack Thereof

It’s date night. You go to pick up your girlfriend at her place and then some Kurt Cobain-y dude walks out instead. Oh, wait. That Kurt Cobain-y dude is your girlfriend. She’s just sporting the latest neo-grunge look: plaid, combat boots, more plaid. You cringe. Your GF may love to … Read More

Fare Ready

These vintage TTC ads harken back to a time when men were men, everyone was white (or an anthropomorphic elephant) and society was still full of jerks. Given that decades of clever signage hasn’t worked, maybe it should just become culturally acceptable for other passengers to eject streetcar riders who … Read More

Decoding Your Drunk Girlfriend

Alcohol. It can be a huge help in making a date with a new girl less awkward, or a fun way to spice up routine outings with your longtime lover. On the flipside are more extreme possibilities — notably, physical illness from over-consumption (you wanted to hold her hair, but not … Read More

4 Things You Should Never Do with Your Girlfriend, Drunk

A few beers downed, and the early-in-the-night inhibitions of a Friday can feel as distant as the sobering back-to-work shock of a Monday. When you’re single, booze-fueled missteps can lead to morning-after cringing. When you’re drinking for half of two — in other words, as part of a couple — the regrets … Read More

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