How to Handle Hating Your Girlfriend’s Fashion Sense, Or Lack Thereof

It’s date night. You go to pick up your girlfriend at her place and then some Kurt Cobain-y dude walks out instead. Oh, wait. That Kurt Cobain-y dude is your girlfriend. She’s just sporting the latest neo-grunge look: plaid, combat boots, more plaid. You cringe. Your GF may love to … Read More

Decoding Your Drunk Girlfriend

Alcohol. It can be a huge help in making a date with a new girl less awkward, or a fun way to spice up routine outings with your longtime lover. On the flipside are more extreme possibilities — notably, physical illness from over-consumption (you wanted to hold her hair, but not … Read More

4 Things You Should Never Do with Your Girlfriend, Drunk

A few beers downed, and the early-in-the-night inhibitions of a Friday can feel as distant as the sobering back-to-work shock of a Monday. When you’re single, booze-fueled missteps can lead to morning-after cringing. When you’re drinking for half of two — in other words, as part of a couple — the regrets … Read More

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