Online Dating: What Not to Do, Part 1

The online dating world is full of landmines; put the wrong things in your profile, and your chances of taking any romance offline are very, very slim. To help guide you through this perilous terrain, we are drawing on our extensive – and sometimes traumatic – experience so you don’t make the same mistakes so many guys before you have. Today, we present you with part one of a two-part series: Seven things that should not appear in your profile photos.

1. Dead fish, dead deer or any other animals you have killed.

2. Other women. It doesn’t matter if it’s your sister or your buddy’s wife: It’s just not what we want to see here.

3. Sunsets or scenery that you are not part of. Tell us about your travels later; we’re not looking to date the Grand Canyon.

4. Your children or pets. Again, although we love kids and animals, we’re not interested in dating them.

5. Half-nakedness. Top half, bottom half – either way, we don’t want to see it. Yet. Leave something to the imagination – or at least, the third date.

6. Glamour shots. We need to feel we are the pretty ones in the relationship.

7. Outdated photos. That full head of hair and athletic physique are lovely, but only if you’ve still got them. Post an honest, current photo of yourself. (Current means within the year, not millennium)

Next week: The things you should never (ever) say in your profile.

Image courtesy of Mknobil.

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