Calgary’s Best Tapas

Sometimes it’s just more fun to share. Especially when what’s on the other person’s plate is as irresistible as these small Spanish-style delights.

A Small Departure: JAROblue
Tapas at JAROblue take Spanish cuisine as a departure point: chili-salted squid, meet chai prawns. An established if inconspicuous fixture on the 17th Avenue strip, it’s small and invitingly elegant, like its adventurous three-tiered menu. Try $8, $13 and $15 dishes or the $30 sharing platter. 1314 17th Ave. S.W. 403-237-5276

Little ‘N’ Local: Rush
Sumptuous and nationally renowned for its exemplary use of regional Alberta ingredients, Rush is also surprisingly affordable. Though its $5 tapas list is gone, the lounge now offers an evening small-plate menu of $5 to $16. Its Spanish heart has local flare. White tuna ceviche? Si! Spring Creek beef carpaccio? Just give ’er. 100, 207 9 Ave S.W. 403-271-7874

Wine and Wee Eats: Taste
Taste baits its hook with an evolving evening menu of inventive $5, $10 and $15 small dishes and a stellar monthly wine list authored by sommelier big-shot Brad Royale. Hot current menu items include braised wild boar pork belly, salt and pepper truffle gnocchi and ahi tuna tartar. 1210 1st St. S.W. 403-233-7730

More Wine, More Tapas: Vin Room
You can’t get your rear derailleur oiled in the old Mission Cycle building, but you can consume delicious tapas dishes from cod cakes and lobster nachos to venison meatballs and grilled lamb chops. You’ll be glad you left your wheels at home after sampling the giant wine selection Vin Room’s name might suggest. 2310 4th St. S.W. 403-457-5522

Image courtesy of mastermaq on flickr

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