People Are Attracted to Non-Conformity


You’d like to be attractive to women.


You need to be a little different than other guys. Obscure taste in movies, odd hobbies, willingness to dress differently—according to a study published in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, women like non-conformist men. And for the record, men like non-conformist women too.


115 straight study participants read brief profiles of twenty people. The profiles either emphasised conformity (i.e., “She’s happy to go along with others interests”) or non-conformity (“She’s more into doing her own thing than fitting in with others”).

The participants then had to rate the attractiveness of profiles of the opposite gender. For profiles of the same gender, they had to evaluate whether members of the opposite gender would find the profile attractive.


According to researchers, “Nonconformist targets were more desirable as romantic partners than conformist targets.” Moreover, this was equally true for both the male and female participants.

However, they also said that, “women overestimated how attracted men would be to the conformist women.”

The Takeaway

You probably already have something a little different or unique about you. Well, it’s okay to put that on your dating profile. Even if she isn’t into that different or unique thing, she’ll be more into you.



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