People Hate Happy Couples on Facebook

Did you just post a picture of your fiancée’s ring on her Facebook page and reap a reward of one hundred plus likes? Congratulations, they all secretly hate you.

According to a forthcoming study to be published in Personal Relationships, people really, really hate publicly happy couples. Researchers created a bunch of fake Facebook profiles. Some had profile pictures with partners, others were merely “in a relationship” and occasionally posted stuff about their significant others, and others offered no sign of a relationship at all. Researchers then recruited one hundred test subjects and asked them to do two things: rate how much people in said profiles must like their significant other, and then on how much they themselves liked the people in said profiles.

Participants agreed that the profiles vocal about their love for their significant others were likely satisfied and committed in their relationships. However, they also liked those profiles the least.

As one of the authors, Benjamin Le, tersely put it, “When it comes to relationship disclosure on Facebook, there can be too much of a good thing.”

So, if this article has been shared on your Facebook page, allow me to say what the sharer hasn’t been able to: shut the hell up. You’re making an ass of yourself.

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