PSA: You Have Two Months Remaining

We’re making a few big assumptions here.

Big assumption number one: you have some kind of girlfriend, fiancée, wife, bang-buddy, special lady, girl you’re trying to impress, or otherwise important woman in your life.

Big assumption number two: you will be responsible for buying said important woman something over the holiday season.

Big assumption number three: you’re as good as we are about staying on top of this stuff, which is to say that panicked, last-minute shopping has happened more than once in your past.

So, let’s be better, less panicky men together this year. This is your public service announcement that you have (less than) three months to figure out what exactly the woman in you life wants and then get it for her.

She already knows this and is in the process of dropping all kinds of hints, including but not limited to: Things that might look nice in her (or your shared) apartment. Bags and shoes by her favourite designers. Stuff she’s always wanted—like, always—but can’t bring herself to buy. Books she’s been meaning to read. Trips she wishes she could take. Why jewellery X is better than jewellery Y. Her favourite scents, flowers, colours, and other details you’re just remembering are important.

You get the idea. So, from now until gift-exchange time, this is what you need to do: anytime she mentions something she’d like to have but doesn’t, you make a note on your smartphone. If she ends up getting said thing herself, you cross it off. Everything else is on your potential shopping list. Have at it.

Oh, if you need a little more help, check out this handy advice on romantic gift-giving from our very own Brianne Hogan. And if you really screw up and forget until December, that’s about the time we’ll roll out our gift guide anyway.

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