The Reasons Women Cheat

You’ve heard of Victoria Milan, right? That personals site for people looking to cheat?

Anyway, in a bid to “better understand their members”, they asked 6,000 women on their site why they do what they do. Seventy-three per cent of them blamed their partner’s “irritating qualities” for their unfaithfulness. Your average Victoria Milan user’s lack of knowing how responsibility works aside, they came up with the top ten annoying things men do that cause women to cheat. Here you go, in their own words:

1. Lack of sense of humour – 19%

2. Lack of understanding – 16%

3. Not being good in bed – 14%

4. Lack of good manners – 11%

5. Being lazy and lack of plans – 10%

6. He doesn’t care about his appearance and he has poor hygiene – 9%

7. Not being successful 7%

8. Being a disaster; not putting attention to details, obligations, etc. – 5%

9. Not clean up [sic] after herself [sic] and he is a mummy’s boy – 5%

10. Being stingy – 4%


Now, you might be saying to yourself, “Hey, these look like reasons to terminate a relationship, not reasons to artificially maintain one while simultaneously trying to break it!”

Maybe. Keep in mind there’s probably another list out there full of the dumb things men who cheat are saying about their wives who don’t. The only thing we want to know is how someone who is a “disaster” is not higher up on this list.

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