Sex After Kids

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Fatherhood doesn’t mean that your love life is doomed to a once-a-month roll in the hay. It just works out that way – far too often. Granted, finding the time and energy for romance is tough when you’ve got high-energy rugrats zipping around your house. Your sex life can be saved, however, if you follow these rules. Your wife will thank you for it.

Not so sexy: A non-domesticated daddy isn’t getting any action tonight. Nothing makes us harbour more resentment than feeling like we are doing all of the boring household chores ourselves.
Sex Rx:
Priorities change: It’s now hot to help out. So put down the beer and pick up the vacuum. A few times up and down the stairs counts as some cardio, but more importantly, it’ll get her in the mood for repayment.

Not so sexy: Forgetting how those babies were made. It’s too easy to get lost in laundry and skating practices, and forget who we were pre-children.
Sex Rx: Ditch the diaper conversation, change out of your sweatpants and do something grown-up. If an evening on the town can’t happen, at least try for a glass of wine over take-out and a good HBO series.

Not so sexy: Kids don’t know the meaning of personal space, so a lack of privacy is all but inevitable.
Sex Rx: Remind your lady that your moments alone, however brief, are still your moments alone. Sneak in a quickie and you’ll feel young, fun and satisfied.

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2 thoughts on “Sex After Kids”

  1. Hannah – you’re right on the money. The kids are the most urgent, but the wifey is the most important…:

    Happy wife, happy life…

    Words to live and die by!

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