How Not to Lose Weight

It seems that every month there’s a new diet gimmick on the market, trying to sway anyone who is unfortunate enough to listen.

Most recently a friend came across SMARTbite on an infomercial and asked me about it. This new contraption is a retainer-like mouth-piece that you shove into your mouth before eating. It promises to help you lose weight by ensuring that you take smaller bites, chew more slowly and eat less food, while still enjoying all the foods you love! Sounds great right?!

While taking smaller bites and chewing more slowly can certainly do wonders for your digestion, has it really come to this!? Do we honestly need a mouth piece to prevent us from stuffing our faces. Do we not have any self control?

Forget the fact that this mouth piece is probably uncomfortable as hell. The bottom line is that most diets, contraptions and devices simply don’t work! Yes you may find a few exceptions and examples of people who succeeded, but the likelihood that they will go back to their old eating habits is very high.

What’s more is that most of these gimmicks fail to do what they actually should be doing: teaching you to get healthy and eat right! Ultimately that is the only way that you will lose weight long term and look and feel great. Yes, you may lose some weight with diets and contraptions, but you may be horribly undernourished from always eating the ‘foods you love’, versus the foods that are good for you, which give you energy and provide the vital nutrients needed for a healthy functioning body.

If weight loss is one of your New Year’s goals, please don’t waste your money on devices, contraptions or gimmicky diets. Do it the right way by finding the exercise program that’s right for you and eating right for your body type. If that means investing some money towards a professional who can help you, it will be money well spent. Results may not be as quick, but the benefits are lifelong. Think about it logically: If you have been abusing your body for years, you can’t expect your body to be happy when you try and reverse the damage you have done to it overnight. After all, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

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Image courtesy of mike fischer.

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