Sex By the Numbers

Are people getting more sex than you? Is your manhood not big enough? Is everyone lying about those things? Okay, relax. We have two things to tell you. One, people are pretty anxious about sex. Two, most of that anxiety is pretty misplaced. Economist and statistician Seth Stephens-Davidowitz crunched some numbers, and this is what he found.

Everyone is Lying about How Much Sex They’re Having

Straight men are saying 63 sex acts (with 23% condom usage) per year, straight women are saying 55 acts (with 16% condom usage) per year. Except this doesn’t add up; that would be 1.1 billion condoms per year, which is more than double of what’s actually sold.

Yes, Even Married People

Married men (on average) claim that they have sex once a week. But the top marriage problem people investigate on google is “sexless marriage”, searched three times more than “unhappy marriage” and eight times more than loveless marriage”. Oh, and people are sixteen times more likely to turn to google about a sexless marriage than about a spouse who doesn’t talk.

Yes, Even People Who Aren’t Married But Are Dating

Think marriage kills sex? Nope. People search google about boyfriends and girlfriends not having sex five times more than about boyfriends or girlfriends that won’t text back. Oh, and by the way, there are more searches about boyfriends who won’t have sex than girlfriends.

Men Are Really, Really Worried about Penises

Men make more searches about their penises than every other part of their body combined. Men’s top search about aging is whether it affects penis size. Men’s top search about steroids is the same thing: will steroids make my penis smaller? Men even ask google “how big is my penis”, which is a weird thing  to ask, given that a) google doesn’t know, and b) men have ready access to both their own penis and presumably a ruler (medical note to men: you measure the top).

Women Don’t Care About Penises

For every search women make about a penis, men make 170. And even if women are searching something in relation to penis size, they’re usually worried about pain caused from a larger member.

Men Care About Lasting Longer, and Women Don’t

Men’s second most googled sex question is how to make sex last longer. Women are more likely to google something about making their boyfriends orgasm more quickly, or at all.

We’ve Flip-Flopped on Butts

Back in 2004, the most common google search related to women’s butts was how to make them smaller. Now, it’s how to make them bigger.

We’re Split on Bigger Boobs

Big boobs are perennially popular, but men make as many “how to I convince my wife/girlfriend to get breast implants” as there are “how do I convince my wife/girlfriend she doesn’t need implants”.


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