How to Shop for Your Girlfriend

So, you’re screwed.

About six months ago, the lady friend in your life started dropping hints about what she’d like from you, gift-wise, for Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanza, or whatever you celebrate. Sadly, you missed these.

About two months ago, we reminded you of impending doom, by which we mean the necessity of paying attention to your significant other’s hints. You put it on your to-do list and forgot about it.

And now the time has come. You have a significant other and your love for her demands an awesome gift—but what? Well, you could search for a girlfriend-specific gift guide on the net, but if you aren’t into picking something off a list, here are a few helpful hints:

Consult Her Pinterest

Did you know that your SO is keeping a catalogue of her favourite colours, designers, styles, home décor schemes, brands, and other elements of her taste online? And it’s called Pinterest? And it’s full of hints about what she might like, not to mention maybe even some actual, physical things you can buy?

Expand Your Sources

As long as you’re gathering information, check out her Amazon wish list—assuming you don’t have to break into anything to get at it. Or, if she’s very practical (and if she is, we congratulate you), just ask for it. Her Netflix account is also a good source. If she can’t stop binge-watching The Walking Dead, shell out for the special edition Blu-ray version for her. Finally, there’s her wardrobe. It has all the sizes you need to know if you’re planning on getting her clothing . . . if you believe in living dangerously, we mean.

Enlist her friends

This is why it’s a good idea to be friendly with her friends, because the day might come when you need their help. Even if you already have stuff thought out, you can run it by them for a sober second thought. If you’re planning on buying perfume, purses, shoes, books, or jewellery, run it by your SO’s friends first. And don’t forget to thank them (see here).

Consider the Obvious

Chocolate, flowers, spa voucher, mixtapes, giftcards . . . these are the gifts of a desperate man when it comes to the holiday season. However, they make a pretty good hedge if you’re worried about the other stuff you’re getting her. Nothing takes the sting out of exchanging shoes like a trip to the spa!

Be Corny

Remember when you were broke and gave your high-school sweetheart a love coupon book full of things like ‘1 Free Backrub’ and ‘Movie Date’? Well, you can still do that. Except you have to including things like ‘1 Kate Spade Purse, Your Choice’.

Choose Experiences

Is she not much of a material girl? Then make her present a special event, like a swank dinner at a restaurant. Or, tickets. See her favourite band live, the latest musical, or, if you’re flush, an NHL game. Finally, there’s always the nuclear option: book a romantic vacation.

Don’t Make Rookie Mistakes

Get gift receipts for whatever you buy. Hey, can’t win ‘em all.

Photo courtesy of Brandon Christopher Warren.

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