The Extramarital Affair/Adult Film Connection

In a study you’d think was commissioned by the Vatican (but wasn’t), researchers have found that the more a person watches porn, the more likely they are to have a positive view of extramarital affairs.

The study, published in Psychology of Popular Media, surveyed nearly three hundred married adults (researchers had difficulties with their samples of adolescent and college-aged adults—for some reason). Researchers controlled for a number of social factors (age, divorce history, education, ethnicity, gender, marital unhappiness, political orientation, religiousness, previous opinion on porn) and surveyed their participants twice, two years apart. They found that participants to increased their consumption of pornography between surveys had a more positive attitude towards extramarital affairs by the time of their second survey.

So here’s the big question—why? Researchers don’t have any answers, but we’d be willing to bet that if you spend two years pursing different menus, you’d at least think about ordering something different.

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