The Morning After

Congratulations. You achieved the goal of many a single gentleman’s drunken night out: You picked up.

But before patting yourself on your hungover back too hard, consider that the girl you’ve just woken up beside – an acquaintance, perhaps, whose name escapes you – may just be kicking herself for letting the beer goggles get too foggy.

Here’s how to tell if we’re cringing the morning after:

She doesn’t love you in the morning
A successful hookup likely entails a repeat performance the next morning. If you make a move for round two and we start acting like you’re our second cousin, our better judgment – drowned in last night’s tequila – has returned.

She refuses all food and drink
A hungover gal won’t refuse a cup of coffee or some toast to ease the spins – unless she wants to get away from you as fast as possible. If we’re interested, we’ll be happy to have a bite and get to know you in the light of day. If not, we’ll be tripping over ourselves to get to the nearest Starbucks.

She takes your number
Sure, we ladies are perfectly capable of asking a guy out. But the universal rule remains true here: If we refuse to give you our number, and take yours instead, don’t wait by the phone for our call.

She sneaks out before you wake up
At least your mom loves you.

Image courtesy of mr p on flickr

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