They Know Your Secrets

Women talk. You know this. We share endless details about our lives – topics that guys would deem too personal, or too mundane, to even consider broaching with their buds. The result is that your girlfriend or wife’s crew – several girls you may not know all that well – has an intimate knowledge of you. Here, more specifically, is what they know.

Your love life: We’ve been briefed on aspects like quality and frequency, as well as on the measure of your, uh, libido. But before you panic, understand that, for the most part, women do want to protect their boyfriend’s dignity, so any major performance inadequacies likely won’t be broadcast.

Your psychology: We know that your fear of commitment stems from your parents’ painful divorce, and that your ball-busting ex-girlfriend scarred you so badly you can barely say, “I love you.” Before you get too freaked out, remember: It’s not personal, we just really, really like talking about feelings.

Your schedule: We’ll know if you’ve been insanely overworked and haven’t had as much time as usual for your relationship. Put in time at the office on a Saturday? We heard about it, just as we know about your staying out until 5 a.m. last weekend, drinking with the boys.

Your screw-ups: Whether you cheated, lied, forgot her birthday or got cold feet, we’ve had lengthy discussions about what happened, what it means, and what she should do about it. We may be taken aback or pissed off, but, if you’re lucky, the next time we have brunch we’ll all pretend it never happened.

Image courtesy of Dude With Camera.

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