Sustainable Style: The Best Green Gadgets

It’s hard out there for gadget-loving dudes. Sorting through each gadget’s sexy, novel, or really-actually-quite-useful features is tough enough; nowadays, conscientious consumers must also weigh the thing’s eco-friendliness. Here, the next generation of eco-friendly gadgets.

Solar Ovens
Forget that charcoal barbecue. Not only does grilling with charcoal release carcinogens into both your food and the air, but it’s also a lot of work. This solar oven, meanwhile, heats up to 200 – 300 degrees Fahrenheit, so your ribs come out tender, moist and never charred. Think of it like a solar slow-cooker: Put your food inside and fahgettaboudit. US$135

Windstream Bike Power Generator with Power Pack
Two of modern North American society’s biggest problems are obesity and over-consumption of fossil fuels. This pedal-powered power generator helps solve both. Jump on this bad boy when you get home from a long day at the office; after an hour of peddling, you’ll have truly earned about two hours of TV watching. US $595

Belkin Conserve Power Strip
Phantom power means your computer, plasma TV, and more are using energy even when they’re off; this can add as much as 15 percent to your energy bill. Cut the power with a one-touch remote, using the Belkin Conserve power strip (pictured above). US $60

Toilet Dam
Canadians have the dubious distinction of being the world’s second largest wasters of water in the world, per capita.  If a let-the-yellow-mellow policy won’t fly at home, install a toilet dam, instead: You’ll save about five litres per flush. $8

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