The Top 3 Things Men Regret About Sex

Don’t want to lie there on your deathbed with a pile of regrets? Well, don’t spend so much time at work, drink more Scotch, and try and figure out a way to forgive the Leafs. Oh, and when it comes to the bedroom, keep this in mind: most men regret being too timid to approach potential sexual partners, not being more sexually adventurous when they’re young, and not being more sexually adventurous during their single days.

This information comes to us by way of a study published in the Archives of Sexual Behaviour. In case you’re wondering whether to trust it, consider this: researchers combed through responses from 25,000 people to draw their conclusions. The top three regrets for women, in case you were wondering, were: losing their virginity to the wrong person, cheating, and moving too fast sexually.

Fun fact? More women than men regretted having sex with someone unattractive. Yet another reason to hit the gym and get lots of sleep.

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