Want to Improve Your Mind? Have Sex

Lots of things can negatively impact your brain—stressful job, long hours, overexposure to slow Canadian internet. On top of that, as you age, your mind slows down. So what’s a guy to do? Simple: have more sex.

In a study done in Korea, scientists discovered that having regular sex improves brain growth and working memory. The scientists had mice (because this would be too cruel on humans) divided into two groups: a male/female group that had plenty of sex, and a segregated group that had no sex, but plenty of frustration. Measuring the rate of neurogenesis (i.e., the growth of brain cells), scientists found that the sex-having mice generated and differentiated cells quicker than their unfortunately celibate lab mates. The scientists also put the mice through a memory test (i.e., the ‘ol mouse in a maze), and found that the mice who got lucky regularly did much better.

So what gives? Well, sex is awesome at combating that ubiquitous cause of all heath problems: stress. The scientists write: “Sexual interaction could be helpful for buffering adult hippocampal neurogenesis and recognition memory function against the suppressive actions of chronic stress.” In other words: Have a stressful job? A long commute? An idiot boss?

Start getting lucky; your heath may depend on it.

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