What Not to Do After a Breakup

She broke your heart, or maybe you broke hers. Regardless, there’s no point in perpetuating the pain. Here, a list of post-breakup don’ts.

Don’t bash her in cyberspace
If you made the mistake of ticking “In a relationship” on Facebook, you’re bound to get a few messages when your friends notice the change. Don’t make it worse by updating your status to say something like, “Wasted two years of my life.” You’ll look like the loser, and it’ll surely get back to her. Also, avoid the mass email breakup announcement. The forward button will bite you in the butt.

Stay away from her girlfriends
You may have become buddies with her girls, but she gets them in the divorce. Do not contact them in an attempt to explain your side of the story. If they contact you, keep in mind they might be acting as agents for your ex and reporting back with intelligence. And do I have to tell you never to seek out revenge sex?

Do not contact her family
Sure, you spent every second Sunday with them. But now you’re the enemy, so don’t bother calling, emailing or – even worse – stopping by to say, “Sorry it didn’t work out.” They were expecting you to give them grandchildren, not break their baby’s heart.

Do not solicit ex-sex
Never drunk dial. Ex-sex leads to confusion, false expectations and emotional hangovers – for both of you.

Steer clear of her turf
Sure, the café in her ‘hood makes the best eggs in town, but that’s her territory. Give her at least a 10-block security perimeter.

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6 thoughts on “What Not to Do After a Breakup”

  1. Steer clear of her turf???

    My ex-wife moved into an apartment across the street from my mother and three blocks away from me.

  2. Lol Good tips except for the last one- in the case of my ex who doesn’t have a license, a 2 block perimeter is just fine. LOL

  3. No ex-sex! What’s the point of dating in the first place. It’s the best sex you’re likely to have with her.

  4. Nobody’s got turf priority..if we both hung in the same hot spots..as if I’m giving them up for her sake.
    Revenge sex shmex..if she’s got a hot girlfriend that’s shown an interest why would i pass that up
    ..and ex-sex is hot..been there done that:)

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