What You Can Learn from the French

No people are more romantic, the cliché goes, than the French. My own recent dating experiences have led me to believe that there’s far more fact than fiction to the cliché. But fear not, gents: You needn’t learn the la belle langue to save your love life. But you should, at least, pay attention to a few of these lessons.

Look the Part
You can wear T-shirts, stubble and sneakers every other day. Cleaning yourself up for a date will tell your girl that an evening out with her is a special occasion. Take care in your presentation, and she’ll take note.

Be Chivalrous
Be a gentleman — the old-fashioned kind. Small gestures like picking her up in your taxi, or even putting a gentle hand on her elbow as you cross the street, will not go unnoticed.

Take Charge
The French are pretty specific about what they like, and you should be too. Choose where to take her and pick the wine. Just don’t be a tyrant about it.

Be Cheesy
Let go of your inhibitions and embrace your cheesy side. Tell her what a knockout she is or just how much seeing her brightened up your day.

Be Aggressive
Forget the games. Be direct. Call her after you see her and tell her you want to see her again as soon as possible.

Be a Gentle Lover
Seriously. The French don’t screw; they make love. Don’t grope; caress. Be a gentleman, and take it slowly. Trust me: It will work wonders for you.

Image of Yves Saint Laurent courtesy of Dovima is Devine.

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