Men Don’t Stink Solid Cologne

Sick of easily over-applied liquid cologne? Then it’s time for a solid cologne. Men Don’t Stink makes a whole range of solid colognes ($36 each) that you simply rub on your skin and forget. For something subtle, check out the gentleman. If something powerful is more your speed, here’s the … Read More

How to Email Like a Gentlemen

Since you’re probably spending a disproportionate amount of your day dealing with emails, you may as well get good at doing it politely. Also: we’re going to go ahead and second his opinion on BCC. Don’t CC when you should BCC. Flickr.

5 Tips for Initiating Sex Like a Gentleman

Initiating conversation with someone you like can be nerve-wracking. It usually involves heavy duty eye-contact, a smile and some kind of witty anecdote (that probably took you about seven minutes to come up with before you approached her), and some sweating. Once you’ve finally crossed that hurdle, and you’re vibing … Read More

Music Video: Psy’s New Single

Well, it’s not Gangnam Style (and, let’s be honest, nothing ever will be again), but Psy’s new video has silly dancing, those low-crotch pants, and him being a dick to everyone. [youtube width=”640″][/youtube]

The Modern Gentleman: Chivalry

“Is chivalry dead?” A question for the ages, that one. It’s also a question that no man would ever ask. Still, guys, you need to understand: Women want to be wooed, even by men who are not their suitors. Yes, modern women. What’s the state of chivalry in 2012 (and, why … Read More

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