Women Say the Dirtiest Things

Men get a bad rap for their notoriously dirty locker room banter. In truth, women are far filthier. Even the classiest of ladies will divulge the nittiest, grittiest details of their sex lives – for better or for worse – when it comes to an intimate chat with her gal pals. Here’s why:

We’re willing to admit we’re not getting aroused.
It’s tough for men to confess to sexual problems; impotence isn’t very locker room-friendly. Not so for women. Partly because it’s common – and partly because men often do take the rap for bad sex – it’s perfectly acceptable to admit that we’re not getting excited. It also helps that we’re extremely supportive: When my girlfriend told me she’d never climaxed, I took her to buy a special toy that day. Would you do that for one of your buddies?

We are more detail-oriented.
While dudes may brag about an awesome pair of boobies, women get into serious detail, discussing size, shape, firmness and more. It’s not perverted; it’s genetic. Women are just better at noticing and retaining details. (It’s a quality Malcolm Gladwell discusses here.)

We need advice.
While getting to climax is pretty straightforward for men, it can be tricky for women. There’s no general “how-to” for us, so we need to exchange as many tips as possible. And if you’re discussing your sexual exploits for the purpose of learning lessons, the nitty gritty details are all-important.

We talk a lot.
Socializing for men means watching Billy Madison or playing hockey. Women, on the other hand, talk. A lot.

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