Your Dirty Facebook Secrets

Last week, when the AP reported that Facebook is now cited in the vast majority of divorce cases, we weren’t the least bit surprised. From incriminating pics of that vacation you took with your mistress to the occasional flirtatious wall posting, Facebook – and other social networking sites – makes our lives more public than ever. It’s little surprise that our secrets are no longer quite so secretive.

It used to be so much simpler. But now, the most insignificant of incidents (or non-incidents) – an occasional flirtation with a colleague; a drunken dance that gets a little grindy; an ex-girlfriend who still lusts after you – is likely be broadcast to the world. And tagged. And commented on. And then, of course, discovered by your special lady.

We want to know: Has Facebook ever gotten you into hot water? How has social media changed your mating and dating rituals?

Let us know by taking a moment to fill out this very brief, completely confidential poll. We’ll share the results with you next week.

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