2015 S60 T6 Polestar

Remember all that nice stuff I said about Volvo’s V60 last week? Heated steering, park assist, blind spot indicators, distance alert, collision warning, and all the great stuff you’d expect from a comfortable but safe ride? Well, take all that, put it in a touring car (like one used by these guys!), and you get the 2015 S60 T6 Polestar.

A quick recap of why touring car racing is better than F1: you can drive something very like what the touring racers are driving. In the real world. On the real road. Would an F1 car be more fun? Yeah, probably . . . if you also happen to have access to a closed track or something. Don’t know about you, but I have access to winding rural Canadian roads, and that’s basically enough for me.

Despite being very similar cars in terms of features, driving a S60 is very different than a V60—and it’s not just lack of cargo space. The S60 is a very twitchy car. A light touch on the steering wheel provokes a big and fast response. You can use the automatic transmission . . . but there’s a paddle shift system available, should you feel the need to get into the racing spirit. Throw in an all-wheel drive system, a 345 horsepower inline-six, and the ability to go from zero to sixty in about five seconds, and you have a car far sportier than most anything else in the condo garage.

Oh, and they come in rebel blue or black sapphire with corresponding interior piping. Because, of course, it’s important to look fast as well as be fast.

2015 S60 T6 Polestar
3.0LTurbocharged I-6
345 hp, 369 lb. ft. torque
6-speed Polestar Calibrated Transmission w/Advanced Quick Shift and Paddle Shift System
Price As Tested: $64,895

This is a test