The Armadillo Car

Find it hard getting a sweet parking spot in the city because your car is too big to fit in between the lamp post and that damn Chevy that’s taking up most of the street?  Can’t parallel park to save your life? South Korea may have the car for you.

It’s called the Armadillo-T and it gets its name from its ability to fold its body up like the armadillo’s of South America. The car is electric and can fold down to nearly half its length, according to CNET.

The only foreseeable drawback is the Armadillo-T’s power. Its top speed is 37 mph and its battery can travel 62 miles after ten minutes of charging. But still, you can fit three in a standard parking spot after folding them with the car’s smartphone app.

If the makers of the car, The Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, can boost the car’s speed and beef up the car’s protection, the Armadillo-T could make a fine car for any city dweller.

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