Golf X Cube

There is no shortage of high-tech ways to improve your golf game out there; just recently, we’ve featured an indoor golf simulator (weighing in between fifty and one hundred thousand bananas) and a gadget/app combo that tracks and maps your swing (and costs a mere hundred and fifty bucks). We’ve also featured a hover golf cart, because that nonsense is hilarious.

However, say you’re a low-tech or frugal kind of guy just looking to improve his golf game. Well, check out the Golf X Cube ($40). There’s no electronics here; it’s just a geometric shape that’s green on the top face and yellow on the sides. You put it on the grass between your ball and you, and if you can see any yellow, you aren’t standing properly, so training with a Golf X Cube becomes a game of mastering a proper stance. It’s the kind of drill our batting coach made us practice for hours on end and we hated—but, let’s be honest, those are the kind that work.

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