Exercise breaks pay big dividends for employees and the boss

Jumping rope or doing yoga is as good for bankers as it is for boxers – indeed studies show that even a little jump-rope and exercise can boost employee productivity. A recent report from the Institute for Health and Productivity Studies at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health outlines the … Read More

President Donald Trump’s practical military debut in Syria

Like Monday morning quarterbacks… every pundit (including this author) is an expert on a US President’s use of force within seconds after the rubble stops bouncing. So what are we pundits to make of President Trump’s unleashing of a flurry of Tomahawk cruise missiles on Syria last week? For a start, … Read More

The housing bubble is here… what are buyers going to do about it?

It’s here, the great disaster Canadians have been whispering about for some years. The dreaded “housing bubble” has arrived in Toronto and vicinity, says David Rosenberg, an economist famous for spotting such things. Now some housing bubbles are small, some middling-sized, others…, well this one is in the “other” category. … Read More

Canadians offered 18-month parental leave: Can you afford it?

In the Liberal Government’s newly released 2017 budget, parental leave has been extended from 12 to 18 months. This actually has both benefits and pitfalls for parents. With this new policy, parents won’t receive any more money from employment insurance, but they have the option of stretching their existing payout … Read More

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