The Disruptors: Roger Gordon, Green Energy Entrepreneur

The Disruptors is Pursuit’s monthly feature that showcases thought leaders and CEOs who are changing the way we do business, how we perceive the startup landscape, taking ideas to the next level. It is where innovation meets a created market where none existed before. BIO: Roger Gordon is the CEO … Read More

Interview: New JFK Conspiracy Book Shatters Myths

It’s the mother of all conspiracy tales – the assassination of President Kennedy. It’s a whodunit that’s been debated for nearly six decades. Was it Moscow, the CIA, the FBI, Lyndon Johnson, Fidel Castro, the mob? Or was it a lone nut, Lee Harvey Oswald? Ottawa-based Fred Litwin’s latest book … Read More

Weed Smoking gig

20,000 Canadians Apply For Weed Testing Gig

Unsurprisingly, Toronto company AHLOT has received thousands of applicants for its “cannabis connoisseur” job posting. The business (whose acronym stands for A Higher Level of Thought) seeks five pot smokers who will sample the company’s various products and get paid for it. The posting went up less than two weeks … Read More

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