How to dress like a million bucks, on the cheap

You’re a go-getter. You’ve got big ambitions. And wherever you go – whether it’s a job interview, a pitch meeting or meeting up at the bar – you want to look good. After all, clothing makes the man, they say.

But there’s one big problem: clothing can get real expensive real fast. Maybe you aren’t the kind of guy who can afford regular shopping outings – at least not yet. Is it possible to project that you’re the kind of man whose got a stacked wardrobe at home without, you know, actually having one? The answer is yes, just follow these simple guidelines:

Quality over quantity: So-called “disposable fashion” may be an inexpensive way to accumulate fashionable duds, but in the long run you’ll be sorry because you get what you pay for. Instead, opt for clothing made with quality and care. You’ll pay more, but you’ll be getting better value for the buck – the sort of closet centerpieces that’ll last for many seasons to come.

A good pair of jeans never goes out of style: Denim isn’t just for the weekends – more and more offices are open to jeans, and employees are taking full advantage. You should, too. The great thing about denim is that it’s durable and can be paired with just about anything. All you really need is one pair of dark blue jeans and you’re set. Plus, when those jeans start to get a little too worn-in for the office, you’ve still got a perfectly reliable weekend-and-evening option.

Men in black: You simply can’t go wrong with a well-tailored black suit. It’ll serve you well for those big business meetings, paired with a strong, striped tie, and when you’re going for a more dressed-down look, swap out the suit pants for those nice jeans you bought. Basically, a black suit is the perfect wardrobe stable.

Rotate, rotate, rotate: We all have our favourite items of clothing – the ones that fit perfectly and never seem to go out of style. But if you wear them over and over again, pretty soon people are gonna start thinking those are the only items of clothing you own. So mix it up. Avoid reaching for that favorite button-down every time you’ve got the chance – that way, discerning eyes might just forget about it, and it’ll appear brand new when, after a month or two, you go back to it.

Accessorize: A new hat or tie, a striking pair of glasses, even a spiffy pocket square – all of these fashion accessories can help project the illusion of a massive wardrobe because they take attention away from the more mundane aspects of fashion. And the best news is that accessories generally cost less than actual clothing. It’s a win-win.

So there you have it. You don’t need a huge closet to make people think you’ve got one. A few conscious fashion choices can make all the difference.

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