How to dress like a million bucks, on the cheap

You’re a go-getter. You’ve got big ambitions. And wherever you go – whether it’s a job interview, a pitch meeting or meeting up at the bar – you want to look good. After all, clothing makes the man, they say. But there’s one big problem: clothing can get real expensive … Read More

Six Financial New Year’s Resolutions

MoneyGuy is brought to you by RBC. Face it: Most New Year’s resolutions are a bust. This year, forget about dropping those pounds and focus on something more important: your money. Here, some financial resolutions for the new year. Because abs of steel won’t make you happy, but piles of money … Read More

Man vs. Wedding

According to Weddingbells’ 2010 reader survey, published earlier this summer, 17 percent of couples start arguing more frequently after becoming engaged. Avoid pre-wedding conflict by knowing your role and taking on the most man-friendly wedding tasks. Get the Wheels (and Beds) Take initiative to secure a good hotel rate for out-of-towners, … Read More

The Buck and Doe

We don’t have a cuisine to call our own. Nor can we offer a distinctive style of music, or any art form for that matter, unless you count the no-nonsense-small-town lit of Robertson Davies and Alice Munro. I would argue Ontario hasn’t blessed the world with much in the way … Read More

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