5 Up-and-Coming Montreal Bands

When it comes to music, Montrealers have much to brag about, but if you didn’t actually see Arcade Fire perform in a Plateau loft in 2002, what’s the point? Sadly, on that particular band, you’ve missed the boat. But a new generation offers hope. For you. Here, Montreal’s best up-and-coming bands.

No Joy
The Next: Sonic Youth
Jasamine White-Gluz and Laura Lloyd share a love of shredding and distortion, and songs that defy pop conventions. Their debut LP, Ghost Blonde, released in December on Mexican Summer, was mixed by The Raveonettes’ Sune Rose Wagner.

Braids (pictured)
The Next: Animal Collective
These native Calgarians have a secret weapon: Sitting atop fluid melodies and adventurous rhythms is the majestic voice of Raphaelle Standell-Preston. Their debut album, Native Speaker, was released last month by Flemish Eye.

The Luyas
The Next: Arcade Fire
Though their spooky fairytale pop bears little obvious resemblance to Arcade Fire, the influence is clear: AF violinist Sarah Neufeld guests on the new LP, Too Beautiful to Work, as does bass saxophone virtuoso Colin Stetson.

Random Recipe
The Next: Bran Van 3000
Fronted by two female vocalists, Random Recipe blends acoustic and electric guitars, beatboxing, percussion, singing, rapping, English and French. After ascending from street busking to Jazz Fest, the band released their LP Fold It! Mold It! via Bonsound last September.

Sean Nicholas Savage
The Next: Jens Lekman
This crooner extraordinaire has the bizarro-lounge arrangements of Jens Lekman, and an even better voice. The prolific singer-songwriter has released seven albums in two years, all on Arbutus. His latest is Mutual Feelings of Respect and Admiration.

Image courtesy of vincentmoon.

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