Festival of Authors

Starting today, the intoxicating scent of freshly printed paper will waft through Harbourfront’s halls for eleven days of readings, interviews, lectures and roundtables at the 29th International Festival of Authors. Tear yourself away from the festival’s excellent bookstore for these events, our picks for the festival’s highlights.
Renowned cartoonist Lynda Barry will present her recent book, What It Is, a noisy marriage of word and image that unifies scrapbook philosophy and fanciful autobiography.
October 25, 3 pm, Studio Theatre, $15.
Chip Kidd, who enjoys the unique status of “celebrity book designer” (he designed Jurassic Park’s jacket), is a serious comics nerd. Expect wild weirdness at the launch of Bat-Manga!: The Secret History of Batman in Japan. October 25, 5 pm, Studio Theatre, $15.
Sarah Vowell wrote about a presidential murder-themed field trip in the mordant Assassination Vacation, but her latest book, The Wordy Shipmates, tackles a less-sexy aspect of American history: the Puritans. October 26, 12 pm, Fleck Dance Theatre, $15.
Local novelist Andrew Pyper reads from his new novel, The Killing Circle, which will chill fellow authors: a serial killer is crossing out Queen West literati, and all because somebody’s idea was stolen. October 26, 5 pm, Lakeside Terrace, $15.
Giller shortlister Rawi Hage reads alongside four other authors from his just-released Cockroach, a gritty novel that looks at life in Montreal through the eyes of an impoverished and suicidal new immigrant. October 30, 8 pm, Fleck Dance Theatre, $15.
(Photo courtesy of churl on Flickr)

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