For The Dad Who Has Everything: KISS Toilet Seats

You can never have too much memorabilia when you’re part of the KISS Army, and that includes bathroom accessories. Bassist and singer Gene Simmons recently unveiled a crazy product that’s for sale on the band’s website,

Who wouldn’t want a KISS toilet seat in their powder room?

Simmons posted a video of the product on Facebook, joking: “Yup, you guessed it. KISS toilets seats! If you’re gonna do anything, why not sit on my face?”

Fans can choose from several seats that feature images from the band’s album covers, including Rock and Roll Over, Love Gun and Dynasty. There are also seats with individual photos of the band members.

It gets even better—the official slogan for the toilet seats is: “Potty like a rock star.”

Comments on the Facebook post are great. “The toilet seat plays “Deuce” while you drop one!” user Nicholas Xenos wrote.

“I think I just might buy one regardless of what my wife says,” added Andrew Sciara.

Many people expressed interest in buying the seat for themselves, while others were less-than-impressed with the hardware.

“Uugghhh…not gorging enough money out of fans?” commented Anthony Giovanni Brewster.

The seats aren’t cheap. They’re available on the website for $59.99 US. And if you don’t like it, you’re stuck with it. The band will not accept returns on this particular item.

If you want to spend a little bit less money, you can purchase a Gene Simmons toilet paper holder for $39.99. Apparently it was a special item at the 2016 Official Japan KISS Expo. It’s billed as a “very cool item” that’s “very hard to get.”

The band has made a lot of money through merchandising their image over the years. They sell everything from action figures and blankets to drumsticks, guitar picks, jewelry and school supplies.

KISS is launching a three-year tour in January 2019. “It will be a three-year-long tour, starting in January 2019,” Simmons told Sweden’s Expressen newspaper earlier this month. “It will be our most spectacular tour ever. We will go to all continents, though exactly where I can’t tell you now.”

Simmons was visiting Sweden to celebrate his 50 years in the rock and roll industry. He was delivering the 150-track box set The Vault to fans at various meet and greets.



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