KISS toilet seat

For The Dad Who Has Everything: KISS Toilet Seats

You can never have too much memorabilia when you’re part of the KISS Army, and that includes bathroom accessories. Bassist and singer Gene Simmons recently unveiled a crazy product that’s for sale on the band’s website, Who wouldn’t want a KISS toilet seat in their powder room? Simmons posted … Read More

Forty strangers slap

The Slap

Remember that annoying “First Kiss” video that all the pregnant women in your life were spamming on Twitter, Facebook, and whenever conversation got a little slow? Here’s a better version. It has forty strangers slap each other for the first time. [youtube width=”640″][/youtube]

Couple kiss 2

New Year’s Eve Tips for Men

Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, her birthday and New Year’s all group together in the same grandeur category for most women. They are monumental days on the calendar, calling on the men in our lives to preferably devise a plan, or at least stick with us as we play out our own. … Read More

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