Why Your Barista Probably Hates You

Looking for the perfect coffee table book? In a matter of weeks, the blog Bitter Barista has gone from birth to internet sensation to glossy hardcover book, mostly thanks to the a-holes who frequent snooty coffee joints. OK, it did take a disillusioned DJ/barista/writer named Matt Wason, a less-than-amused boss, … Read More

The Modern Man’s Guide to Coffee Table Magazines

By now, we all know the John Waters quote: “If you go home with somebody and they don’t have books, don’t [redacted] them.” While we believe we’re exceptions to rules both prudish and chaste, being literate never hurt nobody. Recommending a bookshelf’s worth of reading material would be as exhaustive … Read More

The 21st Century Writer

Melville never had to ignore the attraction of satellite television when he penned Moby Dick; Hemingway didn’t have the option of playing Modern Warfare 3 instead of writing A Farewell to Arms; and Shakespeare wouldn’t have needed to write “Sonnet 130” if he could have just texted his feelings to … Read More

DailyXY’s 2011 Gift Guide: Graphic Novels

If you’re into comics — or “graphic novels,” as everyone expects you to call them — you may tend to get a little…evangelical about your hobby around yuletide. Pity the poor non-fanboys on your list, and treat your giftees to the following five fine suggestions, which might also merit a … Read More

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