Vancouver’s Best Guitar Shops

The bad news: Rock Band won’t help you score any groupies, no matter how high your high score. The good news: A real guitar might just do the trick. Here, the places to buy a guitar in Vancouver.

Rufus Guitar Shop
This friendly mom ’n’ pop shop specializes in new and used acoustic guitars. New pieces are always arriving, and all used instruments get a thorough tune-up in the in-house repair shop before hitting the wall. 2621 Alma St., 604-222-1717.

Tom Lee Music
This music mecca in the heart of the city’s entertainment district has six floor of axes accessories, including all the major brands and killer vintage gear. 929 Granville St., 604-685-8471.

Not Just Another Music Shop
Bon Jovi, Bryan Adams and Blue Rodeo have all stopped by this shop for its well-curated vintage selection. Modern handcrafted toys by Canadian names like Fury, John David Scott and Basone are also available. 4118 Main St., 604-733-6526.

Bone Rattle Music
A great spot for beginners, this shop sells electric guitars for as little as $139 – and you can take home an acoustic for the price of a Santana ticket ($89). If you’re in a band, bring in your demo and they’ll play it in the shop no matter how rubbish it is. 2012 Commercial Dr., 604-251-2663.

Basone Guitars
This Vancouver company handcrafts exclusive electric guitars from luxurious woods. The pot-leaf shaped Smokers Delight features a “joint” inlay on 12th fret and is a popular choice among Hendrix wannabes. 310-2050 Scotia St. (by appointment only), 604-677-0311.

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3 thoughts on “Vancouver’s Best Guitar Shops”

  1. What about Long & McQuade? They’re only the biggest guitar shop in town! Does this writer even play guitar?

  2. You missed the best music store ever in Vancouver…

    WESTCOAST MUSIC 3454 West Broadway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Hello, just wanted to let you know that we do have a new location open, so we are OPEN for the public, not by appointment only. 318B E 5th Ave, one block East of 5th and Main. Thanks!!

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