When Obama Comes to Town

Obama’s inauguration, next Tuesday, is going to be big. So big that you’ll feel it all over Toronto. So big, in fact, that you need our Obamarama guide to help you navigate it.

Gala Ball
Democrats Abroad Canada hosts an unofficial Dress-Up Faux Ball at Yorkville’s Empire Restaurant and Lounge. Dress in your gala best, enjoy complimentary hors d’oeuvres and soak in the stateside glamour. 7 p.m., 50 Cumberland St., $10.

Catch the inauguration ceremony live at the Bloor Cinema. The theatre returns to the presidential theme at night with Air Force One (9 pm). 11:30 am, Bloor Cinema, 506 Bloor St. West, $3; free for members.

Dance Party
While Footwork Tuesdays resident DJ Fase will be in Washington, DJ Ritz ably carries the torch at a special Barack Obama Inauguration Celebration Party, replete with hip-hop, funk and soul. 10 p.m., Levack Block, 88 Ossington Ave., free.

Politico-Pizza Party
Munch on Chicago-style pizza at the University Club of Toronto bar lounge. Rub elbows with a life-size cutout of the Prez – and the real U.S. Consul General, John R. Nay. 12 p.m., University Club of Toronto, 380 University Ave., $14.

You can still vote for the 49-song play list of Canadian tunes that CBC Radio 2 is compiling to welcome Obama’s presidency. (Just don’t subject him to Nickelback.) Playing throughout the day, starting at 6 a.m., CBC Radio 2, 94.1 FM.

Image courtesy of Boltron on Flickr.

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