The Portable Battery Charger

Few guys would disagree – battery life sucks. Think how many times you’ve cursed those wretched cords that need to be plugged into your car’s lighter slot. What about those mornings after when you wake up in strange surroundings and your cell is just kaput?

I could rant on but let’s talk about a solution that’s also a way to help the environment. The Ecosol Powerstick is a small and light device that plugs into any laptop or desktop USB port to charge itself to 90% in 90 minutes.

Once it’s juiced – even half-way – slot in of the many attachments to fit BlackBerrys, Motorolas, Nokias, iPhones, PDAs, digital cameras and even MP3 players for some precious extra life.

Think about it this way. Say you have three chargers: one for your camera, phone and iPod. Even though they may not be attached to your device, when they’re plugged into the wall those chargers are still drawing power. Ditch all of them of them for this one device which, once it’s fully juiced, won’t continue to draw power from your computer.

If you’re an iPhoner, forego the power stick for the Mophie juice pack, a battery extender that’s also a protective case. Mophie more than doubles an iPhone’s battery life to six hours of talk time and six hours of surfing. What’s über slick is the four LED “charge status” indicator showing how much power remains. The Mophie also connects to your computer via USB where you can simultaneously charge and sync your iPhone.

Ecosol Powerstick V2, $69; Mophie, $99.

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